Full service comprises of the following: -

Lube & oil change Change oil, oil filter and sump plug washer. Check and top up all fluid levels. Check and top up diff and gearbox. Inflate all tires to correct pressures (including spare). Lube all door hinges and locks.
Tune up Replace spark plugs. Check condition of distributor cap, rotor and HT leads. Set timing, idle and mixture. Check condition of air filter (replace if required). Check and adjust all drive belts.
Brakes Check and adjust all brakes including handbrake.
General check Check condition of exhaust, wheel bearings, suspension, cooling system, lighting and electrical system.
Road test Road test vehicle to check for any problems on the road.

After completing the routine service (as above) we provide you with a FREE 6 MONTHS MEMBERSHIP to our PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PLAN.

Every 6 months you will receive a letter from our company advising you that your vehicle is due for its routine service. If The Workshop services your vehicle again, as above, we will automatically renew your membership to our PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PLAN for a further 6 months “FREE OF CHARGE”.

You will also receive a letter advising you when you’re W.O.F. is due.

As you can see, this is a complete maintenance package that takes away the hassle from either you or your staff for the care and attention of your company or private vehicles. This will ensure that the vehicles are serviced regularly and kept up to a safe and road worthy standard.

Other services available: -

W.O.F. checks & repairsBrake repairs
Clutch repairsElectrical repairs
Steam cleaningPre-purchase inspections
Tune servicesGearbox repairs
Lube servicesAutomatic transmission repairs
Fleet servicingDifferential repairs

Your vehicle should be serviced every 10,000km or 6 months, which ever occurs first.

We look forward to attending to your future motoring requirements.